The Battle for The Best Lego Battlebot

This is the battle that will decide whether Paradox is the best lego battlebot or not.

Duration : 0:5:21





7 responses to “The Battle for The Best Lego Battlebot”

  1. 21stcenturybrixs Avatar

    what shocker? the …
    what shocker? the huge heavily armored one won

  2. ToyotaILuvWatUDo4Me Avatar

    Hey Joel, M.U. Here …
    Hey Joel, M.U. Here. Nice trailer. Get effects… Get use of iMovie, I don’t have anything to? do with it personally…

  3. SubjectedKiller Avatar

    Hi Joel , it’s A.M. …
    Hi Joel , it’s A.M. And I’ll have a b-day on 3/4/11 hope you come at 4:00 pm and if you have any disputes then pm me and if I don’t reply then we’ll settle it at Chinese school or? phone maybe… Hmm… It’s best at Chinese school till then I guess.

  4. nxtboti Avatar

    Sadly I can’t …
    Sadly I can’t download? it, because I have Windows. 🙁

  5. nxtboti Avatar

    Yes I think that …
    Yes I think that Win. Mov.Maker is the worst.That’s why I use Win live Mov. Maker because it’s a littla bit better Than the simple one, but it’s not? as good as iMovie.

  6. GATEBOYNXT Avatar

    I used iMovie to …
    I used iMovie to make? the video. I my opinion it is better than windows movie maker.. Thanks too!

  7. nxtboti Avatar

    It’s? a cool battle …
    It’s? a cool battle!My favourite is the biggest one!Can I ask you what type of video maker do you use?

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