Arduino Q&A with Eakin & Kidwell

Dan and Paul cover several questions given to them after the last arduino video (, and cover a few new things.

Duration : 0:22:51


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  1. maglinjosvinn Avatar

    great guess! sadly …
    great guess! sadly, no (But it could be) ๐Ÿ™‚ ironically, you’re in the right systems of the car (fuel) however. The trick is it was for testing more than one of the same part simultaneously. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. carfive175 Avatar

    Could the big board …
    Could the big board be for testing injectors for a? 8 cylinder engine?

  3. tmbomber383 Avatar

    Yes! And I just got …
    Yes! And I just got one of these, too? (ordered at the same time as the WyFly as mentioned above)

  4. tmbomber383 Avatar

    Ummmm…. shorter …
    Ummmm…. shorter LRFs????

  5. tmbomber383 Avatar

    Actually, that …
    Actually, that shirt was a gift.? I’ll check.

  6. tmbomber383 Avatar

    Yes there is and …
    Yes there is and strangely enough? I just received my WiFly module last week… Expect more video!!!!

  7. tmbomber383 Avatar

    Kind of… but a * …
    Kind of… but a *lot* easier and cheaper to work with. (Development environment is freeware!)

  8. gemis94 Avatar

    Streaming audio is …
    Streaming audio is possible on those atmega chips (well you need a dac, but pwm dac implemented with the hardware timers and an lp filter could be sufficient depending on the application) I had a AVR synth? project a year ago it ouputed 8 bit mono samples at 31.250KHz sample rate and that wasn’t really even harnessing the full potential of the chip (code was just plain old C, the synth routines could have been done in assembly). 12 bit mono audio at 44.1KHz could be feasible though.

  9. 000Ru000 Avatar

    I’m guessing? it’s …
    I’m guessing? it’s spelt LRF, for Little Rubber Foot?

  10. funtime180 Avatar

    Isn’t? an Arduino …
    Isn’t? an Arduino more like a Programable Logic Control (PLC)?

  11. RSTPhysics Avatar

    As for wireless …
    As for wireless communication one could also mention that there is also several wlan-based solutions, where a common one is the WiFly chip. There is also the RN-XV-W Roving Networks WiFi module, which can directly replace? a Xbee module if you happen to have a board for that, where XBee is another wireless technology.

  12. JohnBailey39 Avatar

    It’s actually LRF. …
    It’s actually LRF. Little Rubber Foot. The “U” is just to make it easier to pronounce, not part? of he acronym.

  13. Jason Hoogerhyde Avatar
    Jason Hoogerhyde

    Its? a rubber foot.
    Its? a rubber foot.

  14. snnvxnr Avatar

    LRF stands for ‘ …
    LRF stands for ‘little rubber? feet’ and is pronounced “lurf”

  15. 99Chemicals Avatar

    Where does? Paul …
    Where does? Paul get these awesome shirts?

  16. leeofbacup Avatar

    Paul…… Can I …
    Paul…… Can I get a link to where you got your? shirt?

  17. neoqix Avatar

    On 8:43 Dan …
    On 8:43 Dan mentions the term ‘lurf’ (or something like that). I can’t? figure out what he meant with that. Anyone?

  18. mobius1ace5 Avatar

    mobius1ace5 not …
    mobius1ace5 not mobius1aceB it happens? though ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Stephanlemay Avatar

    @ 9:00 – Pimp my …
    @ 9:00 – Pimp my Arduino! Racing Stripes, Pin-striping, custom body work. How? would you make it a low-rider?

  20. P55CxE9 Avatar

    Yet? another …
    Yet? another insanely quiet video…

  21. rocketman221projects Avatar

    There is also an …
    There is also an Arduino Leonardo now. It has an ATmega32u4 with on board usb instead of using another ATmega8 for that, so it’s a? bit cheaper than an Uno.

  22. cgountanis Avatar


  23. cgountanis Avatar

    A ToC with video …
    A ToC with video time hyper links would be nice on? these.

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