DIY Laser Projector (uses an Arduino, plays Pong!)

An Arduino controls a self-made laser projector that uses a laser, mirrors, and stepper motors. I programmed the Arduino to have the projector display a clock or play Pong.

I’ve uploaded the code here in case you’re interested: . It’s under the MIT license, so feel free to use it in your project. If it’s a commercial project, go right ahead – just let me know at alvin dot armea at gmail.

More on the hardware in a later video. For now, I have the schematic and other related pictures here:

All hardware including etching the PCB (except the Arduino – ) and code (except the clock sync program – ) by Albert Armea. PCB design by Mr. Anderes.

Duration : 0:4:59


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  1. 12Flyboy12 Avatar

    Very cool project! …
    Very cool project! It looks like the mirrors are directly connected to the stepper motor without going through a gear reduction. What resolution did you manage to? get (Resolution for viewing area). If I try to reproduce this project, how many step motor would you suggest?

  2. travestyalpha Avatar

    I’m impressed. I …
    I’m impressed. I hadn’t even though about? laser projection as something to try with Arduino. Looks pretty viable.

  3. drumatic86 Avatar

    that’s ridiculous? …
    that’s ridiculous? and fascinating at the same time ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. hacky97 Avatar

    @IllestFlip2414 I …
    @IllestFlip2414 I saw a laserprojector on using? these speaker cones. Mirrors taped to a pivot and the cone, causing them to slightly rotate.Commercial lasers use a similar idea (galvanometers)

  5. IllestFlip2414 Avatar

    The speed is? …
    The speed is? limited in software – I tested different refresh rates and this seemed to be the one that works best without distorting the lines too much.

    As for the speaker cone (did you mean using some sort of non-motor electromagnet?) I haven’t tried but I like the suggestion. Maybe I’ll try it in a later version when I get the time.

  6. hacky97 Avatar

    very cool project. …
    very cool project. Nicely done too. I just love laser. Is the speed limited by the software or the steppers? Did you try using (I forgot the? actual name) a speaker-cone for moving the mirrors? That would make the movement a lot faster and crisper.

  7. chipko Avatar

    wow! ? impressive ๐Ÿ™‚
    wow! ? impressive ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. FRajput786 Avatar

    Nicee. =]?
    Nicee. =]?

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