WRO 2012 – Simple Solution

Building instructions and program can be downloaded here:

This is a simple robot which can solve the WRO challenge of 2012 for highschools.
The bricks are placed at the most easy configuration.
I will make building instructions for the robot as well as another program which solves any configuration later.

The program and robot is very simple and present an easy entry point to the challenge of this year.

Duration : 0:1:52





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  1. carla cruz Avatar
    carla cruz

    hi .. I’m from …
    hi .. I’m from Bolivia and I need to know what the programming …. you help me a lot if subirias a video with the programming .. I hope your? video .. thanks

  2. LasseDeleuran Avatar

    Use small rubber? …
    Use small rubber? wheels for better grip.

  3. LasseDeleuran Avatar

    Use ports B and? C …
    Use ports B and? C (They are in sync, unlike port A) and only go at 85% speed.

  4. jucadeba Avatar

    excelent!! just a …
    excelent!! just a question..what do you do to make the robot go that? straight?? i mean i put my robot to go straight for 5 seconds but it always turns al little bit to the right..what can i do?..sorry for my bad english..

  5. LasseDeleuran Avatar

    Try to use rubber- …
    Try to use rubber-based bricks, such as the smallest wheels. These offer nearly perfect gripping and? the claw works nearly every time.

  6. procast Avatar

    The gear as it …
    The gear as it claws does not grip the? block very often. I’ve tried it and it only succeed few times in 10 tries. Basically, I saw many people use this model and the very same program . The competition suddenly becomes ‘Luck’ competition instead of skill

  7. GeneralHayate Avatar

    I have instead, a …
    I have instead, a unique way to life the? block. in front of my robot is a ramp like this / and the arm will tilt the block, and then pull the block up

  8. Rasyida Rashid Raof Avatar
    Rasyida Rashid Raof

    Hello !. I am a …
    Hello !. I am a student from Malaysia. Me was took part in a robotic competition among schools. The theme of our robot was VAN GOGH. After watching this vid,? I though that was good. And the design was simple. May I know the way that you design this robot ?. Do hope that you can share with me. 🙂

  9. nothingtose147 Avatar

    is there any other …
    is there any other design to grab and lift the cube? bcuz? i had tried , but the are not lifted

  10. vitas685 Avatar

    where are you from??
    where are you from??

  11. langla1979 Avatar

    Thank you so much! …
    Thank you so much! I had a hard time figuring out how the grabber works.?

  12. LasseDeleuran Avatar

    The program uses ” …
    The program uses “my blocks”, so there are several? .rbt files in the .rbtx

  13. astritann123 Avatar

    do you have the …
    do you have the program in .rbt? ?

  14. LasseDeleuran Avatar

    Nope. I can only …
    Nope. I can only make simple and rather dum programs. It is? up to the students to improve everything 😉

  15. LasseDeleuran Avatar

    The instructions …
    The instructions and program are up (see the description). I use only 3 motors in total and all the bricks? are from the standard NXT Edu set.

  16. langla1979 Avatar

    Nice job! Thanks …
    Nice job! Thanks for posting! Will wait for the building instructions.By the way, did you use only one motor to grab? and lift the cube?

  17. robot797 Avatar

    can you make him …
    can you make him race and pickup turn around trow and turnaround while not stopping to go? forward to win the race?

  18. gleaming999 Avatar

    Your? Kung-fu is …
    Your? Kung-fu is strong!

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