Robotics Project – Team 1 – Engineering 10 – SJSU

Team 1. That’s us: David, Jorge, Killol and Syed. We designed and built a simple robot using a VEX robotics kit. The objective of the project to make the bot perform a mock-up search and rescue operation. Basically it had to enter the “arena”, find a red beacon (signifying danger), turn it off, then find a green beacon (signifying a person to be rescued), and carry it out of the danger zone. The program was designed to receive analog and digital input from sensors, bumper switches and limit switches, process the information and provide appropriate outputs for actuators. We have two motors which are used to move the robot and to steer it to the targets by changing the pulse-width-modulation. There is also a servo motor used to turn the red beacon off and to grasp the green beacon and bring it to safety. Here is a breakdown of the main steps: Robot enters arena. Stops. Search mode until it find red beacon. Homes in to red beacon. Turns red beacon off. Backs ups. Search mode until green beacon is found. Homes in on green beacon. Captures green beacon. Moves forward relying on bumper feedback to correct path of the robot. Exits danger zone.
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  1. lol… 15 million …
    lol… 15 million bucks down the drain. meanwhile there are rooms in the engineering building with no air conditioning and windows that don’t close. Belle Wei’s expert “leadership” at work.

  2. babyyyy! woooow! i …
    babyyyy! woooow! i looove this video only because you are there!! hahah! no but i love this video! ( because you are there… ) lol! cool stuff!! love you!!

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