What will be the best way to learn about robotics and programming?

I’m looking to understand the basics about robotics. There are various basic robot kits on Amazon that I think will be great for a beginner to learn how to assemble a simple set. What do you think will be the best way to learn?

These kits seem nice, but they’re more "moving toys" than robots because they’re not autonomous. If you can spend some more money and are really interested in the subject, I’d advise you to use a Lego Mindstorm kit, with the controller flashed so that it can be programmed in Java, with the Lejos framework. Having worked both with them and with professional robots at my university, I can tell you they’re really impressive for their price ! Their sensors and engines are well accurate and you can do really much with them.
The kits come with a controller (with a screen, four buttons and a loud-speaker), three rather accurate engines (you can select the rotation speed or the desired angle), two touch sensors, one light sensor and, sonar, and many Lego pieces.
Have a look at youtube videos to see what is possible with these robots.






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