Battlebot: Battlefield BF3 Xbow Montage on Aftermath Maps Crossbow Gameplay

It’s no secret PS3 players with BF3’s Premium package get the new Aftermath DLC 2 weeks early. And I’m sure those of you on Xbox & PC are anxiously awaiting to unlock and try out the new Xbow and play the new maps. This is a little preview for you guys!

Battlefield 3 footage shown from the new maps: Epicenter, Talah Market, Markaz Monolith and Azadi Palace on various game modes such as conquest, scavenger, and team deathmatch (tdm)

I’ve had the crossbow for a few days so haven’t managed anything completely awesome as of yet, But I am sticking to the standard & High Explosive bolt. Chopper pilots beware!

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Duration : 0:3:43






17 responses to “Battlebot: Battlefield BF3 Xbow Montage on Aftermath Maps Crossbow Gameplay”

  1. Rachy Battlebot Avatar
    Rachy Battlebot

    wow cool!? thank …
    wow cool!? thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. MrUniqueGlitches Avatar

    Submitting? to …
    Submitting? to youtube/AmazingFilms247
    great job.

  3. An00bisY00tubis Avatar

    If you liked? that, …
    If you liked? that, you will love what I do with the xbow in my aftermath montage ๐Ÿ™‚ /watch?v=_4DlfrfVqVk&feature=plcp

  4. Nolan Waitkoss Avatar
    Nolan Waitkoss

    I like the part …
    I like the part when he uses the? xbow

  5. Marciot0 Avatar

    Nice shoot? time.
    Nice shoot? time.

  6. angrybirds0326 Avatar

    dat double? kill
    dat double? kill

  7. Rachy Battlebot Avatar
    Rachy Battlebot

    i cant say it’s …
    i cant say it’s going to defend? them much against armor… ie tanks ,ifv….. The HE bolt does less damage than a M320 on a tank, but i think its great recon finally have a weapon for a gadget.

  8. GreenSoup2HoT Avatar

    this? is more …
    this? is more defence for snipers, ever have armour come up to you and feel helpless. this helps snipers so much

  9. LordOfDarknessDemon Avatar

    december 11th? ๐Ÿ™‚ 8 …
    december 11th? ๐Ÿ™‚ 8 days

  10. Rachy Battlebot Avatar
    Rachy Battlebot

    nope you get 2 …
    nope you get 2 versions. One with that big scope on it, and one with the kobra rds. you can’t? remove the scopes either. But they count as two different weapons.

  11. GothicScareCrow55 Avatar

    Do you only get the …
    Do you only get the 7x Scope? for it?

  12. Rachy Battlebot Avatar
    Rachy Battlebot

    haha! i also try to …
    haha! i also try to switch kits with friends who don’t have it? yet ๐Ÿ™‚ But don’t worry, it’ll be out soon!

  13. LordOfDarknessDemon Avatar

    i have ps3 but? not …
    i have ps3 but? not premium ๐Ÿ™ but it’s still fun picking up every kit that’s dropped until i get the xbow ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. 321LuckyLuke Avatar

    Nice, love the heli …
    Nice, love the heli at the? end. I’ve gotta try that sometime

  15. Rachy Battlebot Avatar
    Rachy Battlebot

    lol in op metro it …
    lol in op metro it would prolly happen, but this really won’t replace the snipers. This thing has crazy bullet drop on it. It’s still going to be a lot easier to get? long distance shots with a sniper rifle.

  16. 3dk4yProductionz Avatar

    Dice might as well …
    Dice might as well take all the snipers out of the game. But then again there are still a few that enjoy going prone trying to shoot players from? 1000 meters away.

  17. 3dk4yProductionz Avatar

    I can see everyone …
    I can see everyone using this in a game of operation metro. The camp fest omfg. It? has already started, a whole squad was using the XBOW the other day

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