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Ragdoll Cats vs. Zuru Robo Fish – ?? – ????? – Floppycats

Ragdoll Cats vs. Zuru Robo Fish – ?? – ????? – Floppycats

Buy the Robo Fish online: http://amzn.to/UXahcl

DO NOT LET YOUR KITTY BITE THE TAIL OF THE ROBO FISH – It comes off and can easily be swallowed.

Valentino Playing with Zuru Robo Fish – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyadKhWL1UU

Charlie Playing with Hexbug Nano: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvHDpLatDig

Robo Fish is for sale at CVS for $9.99!
Learn how to get things like these fish for free – http://www.guidetocouponing.com/couponing-for-the-beginner-a-guide-to-couponing-for-the-uninitiated/

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25 responses to “Ragdoll Cats vs. Zuru Robo Fish – ?? – ????? – Floppycats”

  1. steiff1001 Avatar

    YAY! ? i hope you …
    YAY! ? i hope you will share a link to the video with me – would love to see if! did you get it at CVS?

  2. MeVee Vee Avatar
    MeVee Vee

    When I watched your …
    When I watched your video I went? and brought Robo Fish for my Ragdoll this weekend. I will be doing a video soon so excited looks like fun for my Poo Poo!

  3. steiff1001 Avatar

    what about ebay??
    what about ebay??

  4. steiff1001 Avatar

    yes, bummer – but …
    yes, bummer – but only a? few months to go!

  5. steiff1001 Avatar

    Thanks for posting!?
    Thanks for posting!?

  6. CavalierHandler Avatar

    I got a reply from …
    I got a reply from Zuru; here it is:
    We are Launching Robo Fish into Canada Starting? Late February 2013. Giant Tiger will be the First account to receive them, we are Pushing TRU, Wal-Mart and others in Canada to purchase for their stores, hopefully with more demand from Consumers such as yourself, Store managers will report back to their Corporate Buying Office that their customers are Asking For Robo Fish. It truly is an amazing, Fun Item.
    Lance James
    VP Sales, North America

  7. CavalierHandler Avatar

    no cvs anywhere …
    no cvs anywhere near me… I think they are only in the US. I? am in Canada

  8. CavalierHandler Avatar

    the only place I …
    the only place I have found them online is Amazon.com, not ca
    I am going to keep? looking.

  9. harryf682 Avatar


  10. steiff1001 Avatar

    Oh! Sorry to hear …
    Oh! Sorry to hear of the struggles – have you tried online? I am? sure they will be there soon! Please let me know what you hear back from the company.

  11. CavalierHandler Avatar

    I? too am in Canada …
    I? too am in Canada, and I have tried Canadian Tire, Walmart Canada, Toys R Us, Shopper’s Drug Mart and Loblaws, with no luck, I emailed the company today to ask why they list these companies when they don’t carry them.

  12. queenofdoggs Avatar

    Please don’t talk …
    Please don’t talk anymore in your videos and just? film the cats. thanks!

  13. steiff1001 Avatar

    thanks -? they are …
    thanks -? they are cute.

  14. faie2ah Avatar

    Sooo cute!!?
    Sooo cute!!?

  15. steiff1001 Avatar

    any news? ? how did …
    any news? ? how did it go?

  16. steiff1001 Avatar

    YAY!? let me know …
    YAY!? let me know how it goes!

  17. megatron915 Avatar


  18. antioxidantfruits Avatar

    oh! that’s funny! …
    oh! that’s funny! i don’t know if you can get them in Canada – do you have Target there? Rumor has it that Target? might have them.

  19. fox frigon Avatar
    fox frigon

    Can u get these in …
    Can u get these in Canada I turtle that would? freak for these lol

  20. steiff1001 Avatar

    I’m not sure – …
    I’m not sure – maybe contact Zuru Toys and see -? or start watching your ads for major retailers – I think Target has them too?

  21. mycleverusernamee Avatar

    Omg I wonder where …
    Omg I wonder where I can find those fish in Canada?? My toddler and ragdoll would LOVE them? lol!

  22. steiff1001 Avatar

    Thanks, Whissler – …
    Thanks, Whissler – me? too! They are great cats!

  23. Whissler McGee Avatar
    Whissler McGee

    Beautiful cats, I …
    Beautiful cats, I love how they had fun with? those robo fish.

  24. steiff1001 Avatar

    i know – they are …
    i know – they are addicting – we played with them? again yesterday!

  25. gina g Avatar
    gina g

    Love it gotta? get …
    Love it gotta? get some

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