Battle Bot Arena

This is a Starcraft 2 mod which is in the very beginning stages of development. This is my first game that I am ever making (in any software) and I am using this as a learning experience. So, with help from my friends, and a lot of time and trial and error, I give to you the first video of my mod. Battle Bot Arena (Working Title)

Duration : 0:1:8

7 thoughts on “Battle Bot Arena

  1. Awesome 🙂 Looking …
    Awesome 🙂 Looking forward to trying it out, skillshots + alot of micro seems very? fun 🙂 Keep working on it bro

  2. I’m liking it so …
    I’m liking it so far, just make sure it’s fun and balanced and has what’s important and no? bullshit!

    Also sick job with the camera panning.

  3. Would love to see …
    Would love to see it have a “skillshot” mode where you like? cast rockets in a line or something like that.

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