Know How… 31: Make a Raspberry Pi Media Center with XBMC

Turn your Raspberry Pi into a $35 Media Center with XBMC!

Duration : 0:20:58

25 thoughts on “Know How… 31: Make a Raspberry Pi Media Center with XBMC

  1. Can I use a RBPi to …
    Can I use a RBPi to run PS3 Media Server and another one for XBMC??

  2. I can use a powered …
    I can use a powered USB hub that has a USB port that outputs 5V2A that I
    can use to power the Pi too :P?

  3. lmao that one dude …
    lmao that one dude sounds like the friendly giant and im waiting for him to
    call rusty the giraffe lmao?

  4. +KNOWHOW On The …
    +KNOWHOW On The transcoding issue you can also use plexmedia server on your
    main media server to transcode then use the video addon PleXBMC then in the
    options you can enable transcoding to H.264.
    Also use a lightweight skin to help with responsiveness on the Pi like
    quartz it’s very nice and responsive.
    Oh one last thing when accessing media over network I found NFS works
    better then SMB sharing. I play ripped bluray in mkv 4+gb all the time off
    my NAS with no issues. ?

  5. Why is he using a …
    Why is he using a Ipad adapter? All the has to do is power the Raspberry
    from the same powered Hub he plugged all the other stuff into.?

  6. ‘look at that.. the …
    ‘look at that.. the tv also rotates too’ man that guy in the pink shirt is
    on like 10 xanax ?

  7. the old chap needs …
    the old chap needs to shut the up, go find his slippers and get the
    fuck to bed.?

  8. I got extremely …
    I got extremely annoyed by the old guy’s idiotic comments. I looked at the
    comments just to see if everyone else concurred and sure enough, I am not
    the only one annoyed by him. As a matter of fact, most of the comments are
    complaining about this guy. Hah!?

  9. Very informative …
    Very informative video but man Leo, you need to shut up sometimes. You keep
    interrupting the dude.?

  10. No need to buy a …
    No need to buy a Raspberry Pi if you already have a Samsung S3 or S4 with a
    main pc and a router on wifi and a HDTV Adapter MHL HDMI for the phone. You
    can just goto “videos” scan local devices, make sure media streaming is
    enabled on your PC place all your files into MY VIDEOS library and voila !

  11. Leo! I haven’t seen …
    Leo! I haven’t seen you in 10 years since Call for Help!?

  12. The older fella …
    The older fella needs to shutup!!! Let the guy who knows what the we
    want to know speak!!!! Geesh!!!!?

  13. Leo has experience …
    Leo has experience in hosting tech shows. He’s asking a ton of questions
    and making those statements to keep the show as informative as he can for
    EVERYONE. I would bet money that he knows just as much about this as the
    younger guy does. ?

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