BeagleBone Black VS Raspberry Pi!

In this video we will have a look at the newly released BeagleBone Black and see how it fares against the mighty reign of the Raspberry Pi! I go through the pros and cons of each device, show you how you can use them as well as show you footage of both the Black and the Pi working next to each other! This took me a loooonggg time to make, and so if you wouldn’t mind dropping me a like and a subscription?! Cheers!


The Raspberry Pi official website:
The BeagleBoard official website:

Where to buy? In the UK you can get both the Raspberry Pi and the BeagleBone Black on Element14’s website:

If you’re in the US I recommend Adafruit as the best distributor:

I hope you have enjoyed this video! If you have any Raspberry Pi related problems/ questions/ issues/ whatever, then please do not hesitate to contact me either by commenting below or emailing me at:

Thanks for watchin’!

The Raspberry Pi Guy


Duration : 0:7:5

25 thoughts on “BeagleBone Black VS Raspberry Pi!

  1. I’d say if you are …
    I’d say if you are a complete noob to microcontrollers, you should start
    with Arduino, because they are easy to use, they have a vast community of
    developers, and they are an all around great starting point. The Pi and the
    BeagleBone are both geared toward more serious developers who know their
    way around Linux. Then again, Arduino is in the process of developing the
    Tre, which also runs Linux and has a metric ton of features that put it on
    the same level as the Black and the Pi.?

  2. Just a side note, …
    Just a side note, the RPi won’t fit into an Altoids can because of the
    sharp corners. I imagine Beaglebone has rounded corner explicitly for this
    reason, however.?

  3. I’m still new to …
    I’m still new to computers, only built my first gaming PC, and I (was) kind
    of on the fence about which board to get. Thanks to this video it opened my
    mind and I made my descision.
    Raspberry Pi first, then Black later XD
    Thanks for this video haha?

  4. thanks for this! …
    thanks for this! guess the beagle bone is for me, since I plan to make a
    number crunching slave for my computer (mini-super computer) so it looks
    like the beaglebone is the best option. but I can definitely see the appeal
    for the raspberry pi as well if I was doing other things :)?

  5. Beaglebone (and …
    Beaglebone (and Black) has 2 USB ports, one miniUSB (can run in host code)
    and one USB. You do not need to use the miniUSB for PC connection.?

  6. The place to get …
    The place to get the pi in the uk is the pi hut because you can get tonnes
    of accessories and things like that also it is user friendly and don’t have
    to have a account?

  7. IMO, Desktop …
    IMO, Desktop computers will not have a large role in the Post-PC era. Most
    Post-PC Devices are portable such as iPad, iPhone, Kindle, and the myriad
    of Android devices.

    Yet, I believe there will still be a market for a small “home” PC-Like
    device hooked to a large screen and with a standard GUI interface. IMO, the
    Pi is that device. Even at this early stage it has a decent installed base
    and strong user community. Raspian is becoming fine OS and can easily
    become the standard OS of the future.

    I’m not a large fan of me-too devices, and I absolutely hate what Linux has
    become (1000 different distros with 1000 different UI’s, and 1000 different
    package managers)…

    I think the next version of the Pi (Rev c) will have a Gig of Ram, WiFi,
    and a much faster processor. This will become plenty powerful as more and
    more everyday application move to the cloud. It will continue with a
    standard layout so that expansion cards, cases, and other devices can be
    made to work with it.

    I now have 2 Pis, one running XMBC exclusively and the other sitting next
    to my Mac and Windows PC.It’s a great little machine and I hope the
    platform continues to grow.?

  8. Looks at uploaders …
    Looks at uploaders username… “I know who’s going to win.”

  9. I like the SD card …
    I like the SD card on the Pi, because, to change the OS, just remove the SD
    Card, and put a new one in.?

  10. The Raspberry Pi …
    The Raspberry Pi Model B does NOT cost £30. It costs £21.?

  11. Can you import your …
    Can you import your own embedded os into BeagleBone Black? ?

  12. do u know the power …
    do u know the power requirements for both (or even better can you test
    and also, im a noob in electronics, but i believe (if i understood right
    what i read somewhere) it is easier for the bbb to run on batteries?
    something about chargecontrol that the pi doesnt have is that right??

  13. You also didn’t …
    You also didn’t mention the difference between how the pi’s NIC and the
    beaglebone black’s NIC operate. AFAIK the pi’s NIC shares the USB bus but
    the beaglebone does not?

  14. whoa whoa whoa. if …
    whoa whoa whoa. if the “only” way to use a RPi is with a monitor, keyboard,
    and mouse then i have been using them wrong for the last year and a half. i
    run 8 as show controllers, with both DMX and relay outputs, and not a
    single one(other than the dev pi) has ran with a monitor.

    To spite what “the raspberry pi guy” believes, THE RPi CAN AND DOES OPERATE

  15. I’m no expert but …
    I’m no expert but can’t the pi also be used in headless mode, i.e. without
    keyboard mouse and monitor but over another computer via a network? He only
    mentioned 1 mode with all the i/o devices attached to it.?

  16. You can get them in …
    You can get them in South Africa as well from RS components?

  17. When I was looking …
    When I was looking around on Rastrack for the first time I found you!
    Are you on Rastrack cause if you are that was probably you.?

  18. Hi PiGuy
    Thanks for …

    Hi PiGuy
    Thanks for the video.

    I wan’t to do a snes emulator Would the BeagleBone Be compatible with all
    the Pie retroproject (Emulator for Raspberry) compatible? can you
    overclook like the raspberry pi ? Thanks?

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