Doomsday Heavy weight entry: Grave digger Vs. Hazardous X

Not only is this the first heavyweight battlebot fight, but it’s the first time a flipper has appeared on any of my battlebot videos…

The only thing left is to see if it can do what a flipper is supposed to do…

Watch to find out!

Duration : 0:1:38

[youtube Str7ar9GFv8]

5 thoughts on “Doomsday Heavy weight entry: Grave digger Vs. Hazardous X

  1. oops clicked block …
    oops clicked block user by accident instead of reply lol,
    I Wouldn’t destroy everything… well I would get a few videos of them see how it turns out THEN destroy them.

    I’m going to try and make a sumo ring today 🙂 then i’m having the group over tommorow and we’ll see.

    Learn a new word everyday 😛
    Yeah I had a few “OOTAS” but didn’t get them on camera 🙁

    thanks 😀

  2. OOTA = out of the …
    OOTA = out of the arena. But it’s okay as I’ve now seen it in another fight. I’m really impressed by what you and your friends have made I’m tempted to destroy everything I’ve done and start again!

  3. what did you want …
    what did you want to see? tell me.
    I dont have enough functions… I’ve got 3 robots going right now… scoop is just to push really…

    Aaah …

    Aaah I wanted to see an OOTA. Nevermind. Hope I get to see Gravedigger’s scoop in action in another fight. Onto the next battle!

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