Brawl Speed Unlocking Robot

After I went back to school I learned that I could not copy my save file from my brother’s wii. I decided that I was not going to beat SSE again so I decided to unlock them by doing vs matches.

EDIT: Its pressing start BTW

OK: After a lot of questions I decided to describe the method. I did not make the method, just the robot.

Go into special brawl, turn on flower and stamina mode (Other mades ok I guess, I used speed but it probably is not needed). Then set one of the characters stamina to 1. The match will end instantly. So all you have to do is hit start.

Special Brawl matches don’t add to your stats, but they do add to your “number of brawls” This is why you are able to unlock characters.

But, I wanted it done fast and with minimal effort!

(building the robot was fun so I did not mind that 😉 )

Duration : 0:1:52

25 thoughts on “Brawl Speed Unlocking Robot

  1. But wouldn’t you …
    But wouldn’t you have to take control of the game when a new character appears?

  2. Lol, Looks like …
    Lol, Looks like R.O.B. Popped out of the T.V Screen and is now playing his own game! XD

  3. TIERS R 4 QUEERS!!! …
    TIERS R 4 QUEERS!!! (Takes Batteries from Wireless Gamecube Controller and Stabs PH3AR3D in Both Eyes, then hits him with the Wireless Gamecube Controller.)

  4. did anyone notice …
    did anyone notice the winner was always higher tier than the loser.


  5. Very clever! It …
    Very clever! It reminds me of the old SSBM leave-on-overnight trick for unlocking Mewtwo, except with robots!

  6. no cuz brawl data …
    no cuz brawl data is locked to the way same with guitar hero 3 and mario kart

  7. people use gamecube …
    people use gamecube controll cuz it is the same controls is meele and they have a big advantage with

  8. Ah, the brilliant …
    Ah, the brilliant mind of a gamer. In contrast, I spit at the faces of people saying this “sucks” or is “gay”, proving their jealousy and the fact that we can’t have nice things anymore.

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