Filipino Robot mime

Hi im dijae, a simple Filipino who tries to do the robot mime. Inspired by ElasticIllusion, my concept is to be simple performer without costumes why?

1. i dont have any.. ^^
2. i think it’s not about the costume to perform better. it’s by the moves.
3. to show there’s no trick but just me.

Feel free to comment and pls rate my vid. will be posting more i hope.

Duration : 0:5:42

10 thoughts on “Filipino Robot mime

  1. nice…yeah, it’s …
    nice…yeah, it’s not always on the costume…keep it up…

  2. hi, how are you??? …
    hi, how are you???
    fantastic video!!! congrats
    next video, put on a suit and tie to look like a mannequin that creates a life!
    what do you think????

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