25 thoughts on “combat robot fight – Ziggy vs Plumbcrazy multibot

  1. If Ziggy had been …
    If Ziggy had been able to at least spit at them, that would have been enough to win. Those other two jerky playskool cars look like 4 year-olds trying to climb a tree. Not much of a contest there. Ziggy´s doubtless much more of a robot than those two rc robot wannabes.

  2. ziggy – “ahh wtf? …
    ziggy – “ahh wtf? im not evan in this fight leave me alone”

  3. I’ve watched this …
    I’ve watched this video several times now, and I still laugh every time I watch it.

    “Woo! I got him as a hat!”

    I wish they would have aired these fights after they did the Battlebots seasons.
    I guess maybe these were the “illegal” robot battles.
    Still, un-freakin’-deniably sweet!

  4. this is only …
    this is only entertaining if…
    1. ur controlling 1 of the bots
    2. one of the bots blow up

  5. you have to build …
    you have to build these from scratch
    you have to find and get all the finest parts
    AND you have to program it

  6. that shows how …
    that shows how powerful matts machine is (reffering to sewer snake and devils punger) i mean being aple to push a SHW around like that AND eventualy beating it biig biiiig big deal

  7. this robot fight …
    this robot fight tournaments sucks!!! there are just rc cars, the japanese robot tournaments are the coolest thing

  8. is one of these …
    is one of these yours? ziggy used to have alot more stuff then just a battering ram. ziggy used to be awesome! wasnt this a show? that show was the best! what as it called? robot wars?


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