UCLA BattleBot Drivetrain Test

This is a video I made testing the drivetrain for UCLA Robotics’ ASME Lightweight BattleBot, UBRuined.

We will be competing in the 2007 RoboGames in San Francisco, against teams from across the country. This particular bot is a shell spinner powered by a 3″ MagMotor bought from Team Nightmare (although neither the shell nor the MagMotor are present in this video)

Special thanks to all the UCLA Tool Crib staff in Engineering 1037 for the free welding, electronics advice, and parts!

Duration : 0:2:43

4 thoughts on “UCLA BattleBot Drivetrain Test

  1. Just uploaded a raw …
    Just uploaded a raw of the spinup test for your enjoyment 🙂

  2. I have a spinup …
    I have a spinup test video that I’ve been too lazy to upload. We’re going to ComBots next week.

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