Mega Man Playthrough Part 4/5: Neither Robot Master nor Clone nor Water nor Might of Bubbles…

U.S Postal Service, eat your heart out!

Today, I’ll be continuing the Wily stages in this short version of the playthrough. It’s short simply because if I did all of the final Wily stages, I wouldn’t be able to upload it due to time constraints, and we wouldn’t want that now, would we?

This particular run was much cleaner than some of the previous playthrough parts aside from the first part, except with a little boss trouble. I’ll explain that in the stage notes, but at least can say that I didn’t die this time. 😛

This part contains Dr. Wily stages 2 and 3. By the way, mass lulz on the “victory dance” after the first boss of the vid.

Stage Notes:
Dr. Wily Stage 2 – This is where the return of the Robot Masters begin, and thus starts a tradition that is in ALL 2-D platforming Megaman games. First, Cut Man was nothing. Second, Elec Man was just as much of nothing than Cut Man, period. After a quick romp through the rest of the stage, Megaman’s clone appears to stop me. This fight would have gone much more smoothly if it wasn’t for those occasional mal-fires and near misses with the Fire Storm, not to mention that I hate when the copy gets too close in my personal space. Other than that, pretty simple. No deaths occurred.

Dr. Wily Stage 3 – One of the quickest stages in a Megaman game, uming that you ignore all of the enemies. I was playing a little too recklessly and suffered some unnecessary damage, but it was of no consequence as the boss was easy if you know how to handle them. Those bubbles, known as CWU-01P, can be bothersome if you use the Super Arm too early as the bubbles move faster than the next. So kill 3, then kill 4. Simple. No deaths occurred.

The final part is tomorrow.

Duration : 0:6:11

5 thoughts on “Mega Man Playthrough Part 4/5: Neither Robot Master nor Clone nor Water nor Might of Bubbles…

  1. Hurray you didn’t …
    Hurray you didn’t die this time. 😀

    You made Wilys second stage look like Pie and you took out clone Easily.

    3rd stage was easy and you proved it.

  2. When do you mean, …
    When do you mean, at the beginning or at the end? Because I did start at the left, but I ended at the right.

  3. Thanks, Thentavius, …
    Thanks, Thentavius, and there is more where that comes from.

    As for the ever loving “Jump! Jump! Slide! Slide!” areas of MM8, I tend to focus on only one part of the screen moving ever carefully forward to make the big jumps. That way my range of vision is maximized.

    Speaking of which, I’m going to try and record those games (MM7&8) whenever I get the chance. Of course the first six must be done first, and hopefully there’s a Playstation emulator that records. 😛

  4. Dang, you cleaned …
    Dang, you cleaned house, Vucious. That’s all I have to say.

    The only ones I’ve gotten to play out of the original series are 7 and 8, but this playthrough you’re doing makes me rather glad that I haven’t gotten to touch the first one yet. o.o; And speaking of Wily stages, I’d like to say 8’s first one is a pain in the . I think I’ve died countless times trying to get past that successfully.

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