14 thoughts on “Comedy Central’s Battle Bots

  1. I’m about to post …
    I’m about to post this stuff and you will find a suprise in the first fight

  2. Mortis: “Bloody …
    Mortis: “Bloody ! No wonder they all shot each other on those riverboats…Oh well, at least I still have my signed picture of Matilda in a bikini”

  3. ooh i’ve got …
    ooh i’ve got anotherone
    mortis:”anyone else”
    CASSIUS 2″alright i’ll give you my rear mounted spike for your axe AND lugnuts (mortis shows cards) king of clubs
    (bots gasp… agian)
    (dramatic music)
    cassius 2:pair of 2
    mortis:darn it
    cassius 2:here you go wel-dor now test for the tag team please

  4. Another story, …
    Another story, based on the Mortis vs. Tazbot battle:

    Tazbot: “Riiight. I’ll bet the winnings I got from Vlad the Impaler 26 minutes ago”

    Mortis: “I’ll raise to your winnings and this signed photo of Matilda and Mouser-Mecha-Cat-Bot”

    Tazbot: “Right…Two pairs!” (Shows Cards)

    Mortis: “Four Aces and a Jack-Royal Flush!”

    Tazbot: “Damn!”

    Mortis: “Hahaha, come here, my little beauties!” (Scoops up winnings)

  5. yeah here’s the …
    yeah here’s the story
    vlad the impaler “hey i bet my lugnuts on this (shows cards)tazbot” tazbot hm i see alrright queen of hearts i win oh yeah oh yeah those lugnuts are mine!”

  6. lol, at 0:38, …
    lol, at 0:38, Tazbot is going around Las Vegas! I wonder if he’s any good at Casino games like BlackJack or Texas Hold’em, though? (^_^)

  7. I have this taped …
    I have this taped somewhere,I might add a few of the fights here on yt

  8. Hey, Dan Danknick …
    Hey, Dan Danknick was later part of Team Delta in the real Battlebots Seasons!

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