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The Omnibot 17? i-SOBOT, a bipedal robot developed by Tomy was awarded the top prize in “The Robot Award 2008”. Tomy has sold 47,000 of these robots worldwide and has been recognized for its significant contribution to expanding the market.

The lightweight i-SOBOT is 16.5 centimeters tall and weighs approximately 350g. With simple operations, the robot can implement complex movements such as push-ups and playing an air guitar.

Instead of metal, the body is made from a glass fiber reinforced plastic to achieve a lightweight design for mass production while maintaining strength. In selecting the body material, Tomy also considered safety aspects so that the robot is not easily broken even if dropped by a child during play.

The robot uses Sanyo “Eneloop” nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries as the power source and can operate for over one hour on a single charge. Of all currently available bipedal robots, the i-SOBOT can operate with the world’s smallest amount of energy.

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