AVR Simple Robot

This was a 1hr build time robot that works very well for quick stuff.

There’s not much to it – it some bend sheet metal with modified servos driving bottle cap wheels. The controller is a ATmega32.


Duration : 0:0:59

8 thoughts on “AVR Simple Robot

  1. @trainerfabri – …
    @trainerfabri – hahaha, yes because a battery and two motors is such an amazing feat. Holy cow – its even got a microcontroller! It would have been more work to pull it with strings.

  2. Listen To all of …
    Listen To all of you people being amaze by that. can’t ya’ll see the 2 strings pulling it.

  3. @360deeman – check …
    @360deeman – check the updated description for the link. thanks for looking

  4. funny you should …
    funny you should say that – that’s exactly what i did to get better traction.

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