How to Build a Mini Battle Bot – Part 1

In this video I will show you how to build a mini Battle Bot. This is my spinner robot that I designed and built using a frying pan, a few bolts, some parts from a computer, and an rc system. For a more in depth look at how to hack a Futaba S3003 Servocheck out this vid:

Duration : 0:9:55

6 thoughts on “How to Build a Mini Battle Bot – Part 1

  1. nice vid 5/5! I’m …
    nice vid 5/5! I’m trying to build a robot of my own but I can’t seem to find any manuals of something like that how to make the “chip” that controles the motors only when they are supposed to… do u know any websites for that?

  2. People lke this …
    People lke this make the computer your using now. Have some respect. Besides let’s see you do better. -_-

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