Simple Things

First Place Dogfish Head Off-Centered Film Festival 2008.

Directed by: Dan Dunning & Brian Reavey

Starring: Emilia Sibley, Sam Stevenson, Leland Bourdon, Liz vonHasseln, Kyle vonHasseln, John Griswold, Waderow Wilson, Charlie Bettigole, Minna Brown, Duncan Cooper and the Robot.

Music by:

Gann Matthews (Main Track)

The Octopus Project

Duration : 0:5:55

10 thoughts on “Simple Things

  1. love it. speaking …
    love it. speaking of depressed robots…gann, don’t you still have my hitchiker’s guide to the galaxy?

  2. so sweet! i did …
    so sweet! i did not expect that to happen, but when i saw the girl with the beer, it made me so happy. thanks guys!

  3. reminds me of early …
    reminds me of early french minimalist work (ie: chobert), clearly influenced by the japanese graphic novelist Kasumitse’s epic “the death of a samurai”

  4. The Citizen Krang …
    The Citizen Krang of Robot movies, if Orson Welles had been the Son of God.

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