Megaman 4 Robot Master’s Level themes

The fourth one. From this I have so many great memories of. It’s most legendary to me. Every time I fight Dustman for example, I get a flashback of me unpluging the NES in anger while my brother was just about to beat him for the first time. Let’s just say that it wasn’t the smartest thing to do and stuff kinda burned and started smoking…
But it’s a fun memory of my childhood, and this Megaman-game has tons of them in store! ^_^

1. Final Battle

2. Drillman
This is not all that special. Kinda poor to tell the truth.

3. Toadman
…meh. Nothing special. Something darker would’ve been nice. Most of the level takes place in the sewer after all…

4. Dustman
This one is good. The intro for it is somehow “dusty”, giving you the right feeling, then the rest is just nice and simple tunes of awesomeness.

5. Brightman
Even though I hate the guy, his theme kicks . Nice and bright, all in all well done theme.

6. Diveman
Ah, one of the legends. Doesn’t sound like water-stage theme, but everything else is so well done that it doesn’t matter. Great.

7. Ringman
This has its moments, but overall it’s nothing all that special.

8. Pharaohman
AWESOME! Really fits the theme of the level. This is one of those that stick in your head for hours after playing.

9. Skullman
Legendary part 2…3? 10? Who knows. You can’t help but to like this simple, yet catchy theme. You just can’t.

10. Final Battle (epicness!!!)

11. Boss Theme

Duration : 0:8:41

25 thoughts on “Megaman 4 Robot Master’s Level themes

  1. my best and worst …
    my best and worst songs!


  2. He’s got the most …
    He’s got the most broken pattern, but he spends too much time standing still. That’s the change to blast him away with ease.

  3. These games were …
    These games were harder when I was a child, but now its nothing.

    Thanks a lot technology!

  4. Ring Man looked …
    Ring Man looked stupid. Pharaoh Man had a stupid name but his stage music made up for it. Skull Man? What was that about?

  5. True enough. When …
    True enough. When you learn the patterns, pretty much every master stage is easy.

  6. Pharoah mans stage …
    Pharoah mans stage is so easy ive never got hurt there or lost a life

  7. Pharaohman & …
    Pharaohman & Skullman are my two favorite bosses. Their themes are awesome!
    This makes me wanna buy this game and play it!

  8. Skull Man was the …
    Skull Man was the one stage I always managed to get through un-hit, including the fight with the man himself. I knew that stage like the back of my hand.

  9. The reason Mega Man …
    The reason Mega Man sounded like a girl as you say is because he and Roll are technically kids. That is the mold Dr/ Light programmed then in. So yes, his voice is a little high.

  10. ok, everybody go to …
    ok, everybody go to “Megaman Battle Network 1 Theme Song” and read the comment left by “AetherEthereal”, its insane wut he put

  11. DiveMan’s theme = …
    DiveMan’s theme = win
    RingMan’s theme = win
    PharaohMan’s theme = epic win
    SkullMan’s theme= win

  12. Mega “Man” sounded …
    Mega “Man” sounded like a little girl. Dr. Light sounded like Elmer-fuckin-Fudd. Bass was sometimes monotone like Ben stein. And Duo…ughh. Even the game itself was merely “okay”. I hated and still hate Megaman’s character design in Megaman 8…He seems anorexic compared to the Megaman in MM7! Course, I got used to it by the time I imported and beat(with all 100 cd’s) Rockman and Forte for the Super Famicom/Super Nintendo. But, man…I couldn’t agree more! They were absolutely rotten!

  13. Totally agree with …
    Totally agree with you. Pharaoh and Skull Man are my two favorite RM’s when it comes down to Appearance and Stage Theme.

  14. I just wanted to …
    I just wanted to tell you how very RIGHT you are about Skull Man. His stage theme is number 1 in my books. So many others are great, but Skull man’s theme has everything that defines a great Megaman Robot Master theme. But, I do have to say that I really do like Pharoah Man’s design…It is just brilliant! Everything-from his appearance and coloration, right down to a top notch stage theme. Skull Man is still No. 1 though.

  15. I think that this …
    I think that this game has the worst robot master boss music in the series. But some of the stage compositions are BRILLIANT (Skull, Pharaoh, Bright, Dust), and I definitely love the Wily boss music. Overall I think that it would be one of the best in the series if not for that RM theme, lol.

  16. I can honestly say, …
    I can honestly say, this may have been my second least favorite of the NES 6 (6 gets that distinction), but the Final Battle music is among the best Wily music in the series. Someone should make a game that uses the music from Skull Castle in MegaMan 2 and the Final Battle Music. It’d be incredibly sweet.

  17. since I’m hearing …
    since I’m hearing this almost everyday I think that the music of MM4 is nearly the best. drill, dust, bright, pharaoh and skull man are so great. before this I always thought MM2 and MM3 themes were untouchable :s

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