Megaman 1 Robot Master’s Level Themes

As it says in the title…
They are in order I usually beat them.

1. Wily Stage Boss theme

2. Cutman level theme
Nice and simple, really gives you the feeling that you are playing something very special…probably did to everyone back in the day.

3. Elecman level theme
Pretty relaxing, yet somehow full of energy. Nice.

4. Gutsman level theme (I…HATE…Gutsy)
Overrated as . It’s way too simple to be epic.

5. Bombman level theme
This is OK. Not the best the game has to offer, but not the worst either.

6. Iceman level theme (curse those disappearing blocks!)
Bleh, this theme gives me so many bad memories, since the level itself is pretty annoying to say the least. I don’t like it.

7. Fireman level theme (da best)
This would be my pick from this game to be the best. Really has the essence of fire and heat caught in it.

8. Boss battle theme

Duration : 0:5:3

25 thoughts on “Megaman 1 Robot Master’s Level Themes

  1. Theme 4 = DUN …
    Theme 4 = DUN DUNNNNNNN!! (I think you know what THAT means… xD)

    MMPU Ice Man = KAWAII

  2. This artwork isn’t …
    This artwork isn’t very accurate, but I
    like it anyway…

    Except for Fireman’s artwork here.

  3. Iceman looks like …
    Iceman looks like an old mascot of a certain Asian ice cream brand called Magnolia. XD

  4. Hey u should do the …
    Hey u should do the Poweed up versions together in one vid like this.

  5. that comment is on …
    that comment is on page like 15 noone cares….you think ur amazing because you go and tell people to watch out for people who disagree with you. ill go search for an hour for the comment so i can read that AE doesnt like the theme song. thanks for the tip >:o

  6. ok, everybody go to …
    ok, everybody go to “Megaman Battle Network 1 Theme Song” and read the comment left by “AetherEthereal”, its insane wut he put

  7. These pics are from …
    These pics are from the game MegaMan Powered Up which is a remake for Megaman 1 on the PSP… thought to point that out…

  8. But the intro theme …
    But the intro theme isn’t even from a stage, it’s a boss theme. So that should’ve been clear enough.
    It’s the same with every one of my megaman level themes. I use intros, and prevent people asking what the theme is by putting the intro theme as number 1 on the description.

    But let’s just leave the subject at that, shall we?

  9. That’s not what you …
    That’s not what you said in the video comment:
    “They are in order I usually beat them.

    1. Wily Stage Boss theme
    2. Cutman level theme
    3. Elecman level theme
    4. Gutsman level theme (I…HATE…Gutsy)
    5. Bombman level theme
    6. Iceman level theme (curse those disappearing blocks!)
    7. Fireman level theme (da best)
    8. Boss battle theme”

    That’s exactly how I interpreted it.

  10. You do realize that …
    You do realize that I was talking about the pictures and used Wily battle as intro?

  11. lol Impossible. You …
    lol Impossible. You can’t beat Wily first. You have beat the six robots first! XD

  12. I decided to use …
    I decided to use these pics instead of the original artworks. since I really don’t like their style as much.

  13. Easy, because it’s …
    Easy, because it’s more fun without using weaknesses. That’s why I pick them randomly and beat them. The orders you see in my videos are the most common ones I use.

    Also, I prefer saving best for last, like I did in 4 and this one.

  14. “They are in order …
    “They are in order I usually beat them.

    1. Wily Stage Boss theme”

    I lol’d.

  15. Personally, I like …
    Personally, I like Fireman’s theme the best. Especially near the end. Cutman and Elecman are also good, but not nearly as much as Fireman IMO.

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