BLACK L3GION vs BatTle Bots

2v2 at South Cemo

BLACK L3GION Players: Me and Berty Bassett07

BatTle Bots Players: eldadio and Vodka SiX

After this match Berty got a message from Vodka SiX calling him a crap sniper because all he can use is grenades at close range and he apparently hardly used his snipers. Berty got a pit shot on their sniper this game. LOL Vodka the n00b.

Duration : 0:8:57

[youtube bB0LrekPFuw]

2 thoughts on “BLACK L3GION vs BatTle Bots

  1. Battlebots = crying …
    Battlebots = crying noobs
    Bertybassett = annoying gay voice on every vid.(only joking)

  2. “Your just a gay …
    “Your just a gay got Berty it done mean your good cos u can throw grenades at point blank you cant snipe for …… got”
    Is what it said and fair enough i couldnt snipe the 6 bang(Vodka SIX) because he was hiding behind a hill the whole game but it was a full 3 SC’s in the sniper’s pit and guns so ha ha LOOOOSSSSEEEERRR!!!

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