Lego battlebot: Thor’s Hammer

I recently made a lego battlebot. It can use a spinning hammer to smash and bash lego apart. It’s hammer is a 1-16 beam with some weight bricks on each side. The hammer is powered by 2 power functions xl motors, and an adder mechanism, made by searme. for my newer bots, I shold be using pf motors as the movers for the wheels, not spybots….

Duration : 0:7:31

[youtube -0u8bAzQwFA]

5 thoughts on “Lego battlebot: Thor’s Hammer

  1. YAY! I fixed the …
    YAY! I fixed the slipping problem, and it wasnt because of the differential. it was because the 8 tooth gear was only attached by a technic connector. i just connected a 24 tooth gear to a 6L axel. now it works just fine…

  2. firstly, the …
    firstly, the differential is a mechanism made by searme that lets you safely add the power and torque of two motors together without damaging them in the long run. I suppose you can put the motors together without the adder, but as searme said “two motors always have a slightly different rpm and torque”
    secondly, yes, it is one color, probably because i have a ton of lego.

  3. It looked actually …
    It looked actually quite powerfull, I love how it just rolled over all the debris like it was nothing.
    I would say get arid of the differential, it’s cool how you’ve got it in there but with the high torque you have; it’s going to slip. I would also try gearing it up abit to give it abit more of a punch when it hits.
    Atleast your bot is all one colour… unlike mine lol.

  4. Thanks!
    the thing …

    the thing is, I am now working on a new version of it, because in the video:
    1. the quiet click noise that happened when the robot turned was because the spybot didnt have enough power to move the robot around very well.
    2. the really loud clicking noise that came from the hammer was the gears skipping, which is BAD. i need to fix that too.

  5. Far out man!
    It …

    Far out man!
    It almost reminds me of a demolition vehicle of some sort… I mean like who knows? Maybe in 50 years or so we’ll start seeing these things replacing dynomite xD.

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