Maker Workshop – Miniature Robots on Make: television

John Park builds some lively and inexpensive miniature robots. Starting with a simple vibrabot made from a scrub brush, John embles a solar junkbot and a slightly more complex beetlebot, which has paper clip feelers attached to switches that allow it to respond to its environment. All it takes are a few common electronic components and some everyday objects and you can make an entertaining robot all your own.

Duration : 0:9:6

25 thoughts on “Maker Workshop – Miniature Robots on Make: television

  1. im boored any one …
    im boored any one know a geek site with more fun but simpel robots

  2. Hey!
    They made my …

    They made my beetle robot and they even said my name!

    Very nice! Very motivating!

  3. Wait a Sec, Did I …
    Wait a Sec, Did I just see a Parallax BOE-BOT with the QTI-Sensor Line follower kit, PING))) Sensor, PING))) Bracket and Servo Kit? I’m Pretty sure I did!

  4. Any chance I could …
    Any chance I could get a bit more info on the perforated metal sheet used in the body of the beetle bot? What gauge, size of holes, etc. Does anyone have a source beyond “metal suppliers”?

  5. I’m sure glad you …
    I’m sure glad you didn’t warn viewers about solder being toxic; all that safety stuff, who cares, right?

  6. what makes the bug …
    what makes the bug bot back up when the swiches are triggered?

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