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EMU 1000 glazing robot at Wakefield Gallery

The Dual Circuit EMU1000 Glass Robot was used to replace a piece of broken glass weighing 460kgs at the new Wakefield Art Gallery.

The glass was difficult to reach and handle as the outside face of the building was directly over the weir on the River Calder in Wakefields new £100 million Waterfront conservation area development.

The GGR operator skilfully manipulated both pieces of glass, in and out of the first floor gallery, with the award winning Ergonomic Manipulating Unit (EMU), specifically designed for interior use when normal craneage is too costly, impractical or impossible.

Duration : 0:5:34

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Jonathan Knowles visits the Autodesk Gallery at 1 Market — virtually!

Jonathan Knowles demonstrates a green perspective with the use of his remote presence robot that allows him to virtually engage with his team from over 70 miles away. He describes the importance of Autodesk University to the community of architects, designers, and digital artists.

Duration : 0:5:34

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H.Carey Good Felix Anaut and collaboration con Ceramicas Abio…Huesca


Huesca Spain…2009

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Atelier Anaut news by H.Carey.Good

Spanish born artist Felix Anaut is now based in South West France, though also spends a lot time in Ireland. In recent years he has had considerable success and recognition, been embraced warmly by the European Art Scene, exhibiting widely
in both public and private sectors, notably in France, Spain, England, Italy and
Ireland, as well as other European countries.
Winter 2003 he was invited to participate in the Florence Biennale, where he won
the award “Lorenzo el Magnifico of the city of Florence” for his artistic career, in
front of some 890 artists from around the world. In 2005, he participated in the
Biennale de Basse Navarre, and was invited to exhibit work permanently in a new
Contemporary Art Museum in Casoria, Naples. Works by him are also in the
collections of various other museums, art institutions and other public spaces. Last
year, 2006, he was listed in the Spanish national newspaper, “El Mundo” in their
supplement of the “500 most influential Spanish people, 2006”, under the Arts
section, alongside seven other artists, including such names as Tapies.

He started his academic studies with classes at the “Circulo de Bellas Artes” in
Madrid, finishing studying at the “Ecole de Montparnasse d’Art et Dessin” in Paris
in 1978-79. After Paris he returned to Madrid to continue painting, followed by
spending time living in Tangier and Ibiza (1982-83). During this period he
developed his interest in abstract painting, largely inspired from arabic
In 1983, after studying a course on the history of porcelain at Christie’s in London,
he decided to stay in England and continue painting, ending up settling in Belfast,
where he co-founded a contemporary art gallery. During the 7 year duration of the
gallery, Anaut dedicated less time to his personal work, due to his obligations with
the gallery, however continued to paint and exhibit sporadically.
In 1989-90 he returned to Spain and to painting full-time, returning to Ireland
regularly. From these dates onwards he has been dedicated to the development of his
work, returning to a strong investigation of figurative painting. In 2001 Anaut
moved his base from Spain to South West France, where he continues working, reflecting back in some of his new work to his past abstract painting, and keeping
in line also his powerful figurative work.
He has had numerous public interviews on television and radio about his work and
career, and wide press coverage in magazines, newspapers, etc, throughout his
Some of his more notable exhibitions have included “Los Artistas”, an exhibition
where Anaut showed alongside 3 of his greatest heroes in the history of modern art,
Picasso, Miró and Bacon, sponsored by Arttank in Belfast, Ireland. Also, his
solo show in the Museum of Isaba, in Navarra, Spain and a Retrospective at the
Galerie des Tanneries in Nerac, France.
In 2005 he exhibited work in a new contemporary art museum in Casoria, Naples,
Italy, which remains in the permanent collection. He also had a solo show at the
Museum Albert Marzelles, Marmande in France, who have purchased work for their permanent collection.

In 2006 he had a huge solo exhibition under the title of ‘Bacchanal – Art or
Decadence’ at the Raymond Farbos Contemporary Art Centre, Mont de Marsan. He
also participated in the Belfast Arts Festival, with an exhibition under the title ‘No
Hay Camino, Se Hace Camino Al Andar’ (‘There are no paths, one makes a path by
walking’, Antonio Machado, 1875-1939).
2007 included his participation in the Process-Art Festival in Bulgaria, and
participation in various art fairs in France & Spain. During 2008 Felix has several
solo shows including a large show at SEVEN, Bedford Row, London, followed later by
the Market Place Arts Centre, Armagh, Ireland, and at FOUR in Moncuq, France, plus a large show at the Tanneries Galerie, Nerac, France. Finally a show with the Zimmer Stewart Gallery, as part of the Arundel Summer Festival. He will be participating in other European festivals and art fairs.

H.Carey Good

Atelier Anaut Curator

Duration : 0:4:5

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At the Robot Factory an Art Gallery of Recycled Technology.AVI

The Art of Recycling Technology … A Work Shop Activity ‘ Bridging the Gaps Between Art & Science’ … Where Imagination Is an Artistic Reality !!!

For Details Contact:
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Where your imagination is reality.

Duration : 0:2:25

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Public Enemy – Welcome to the Terrordome – live @ SaSaZu, Praha 31.10.2010

Public Enemy – Welcome to the Terrordome – one of most powerful tracks ever, pure Public Enemy power razor – live @ SaSaZu, Praha 31.10.2010 – recordet and edited by Wiktor Krokodyl from Electro-Robot Squadron –
Photo gallery on:

Duration : 0:9:49

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