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Zoomer The Interactive Robotic Pet. Hands-On Review of The Zoomer Dog From Spin Master

Zoomer Interactive Dog http://www.DadDoes.Com Today we test out Zoomer, a brand new interactive robotic pet from Spin Master. We first saw Zoomer at Toy Fair 2013 in NYC and we have now had a chance to do full hands-on testing with Zoomer and we are impressed.

Zoomer responds to voice commands and he does it pretty well. As the video shows, he does not always understand you. In addition, if you are in a loud room, it will be very hard for Zoomer to hear the commands. Still, even if Zoomer is not getting all the commands right (just like a real dog) he is still fun.

Zoomer has sensors that allow him to sense objects in front of him and react. You can also push a button on Zoomers back and he will randomly do a trick. Here is more information –

Zoomer is the perfect family pet! This cute, silly and interactive dog is all of the fun and none of the responsibility. Kids can easily play with Zoomer because he actually listens and learns. And just like any other dog, he even sometimes forgets! With life-like expressions and voice activated commands, Zoomer is the most technologically advanced robotic dog ever made.

Zoomer’s Features:
The more you play with him, the more tricks he will learn
Flexible tail for real wagging action
Rotational core allows him to fully roll over
LED eyes with blinking and tracking capabilities
Voice command receiver for intuitive play
Chest sensors track objects and know when you’re scratching his belly
Easy trick button shows you a sneak peek at Zoomer’s tricks

Zoomer Includes:
1 Zoomer Family Pet
1 USB Charging Cable
1 Quick Trick Guide (User Instruction Guide)
Suggested retail price: $99.99
Age: 5+

Please visit http://www.DadDoes.Com for a full review of Zoomer, The Interactive Pet from Spin Master

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Teksta The New Robotic Interactive Puppy Dog Toy Demonstration

Character Options is relaunching its 1990’s robotic pup Teksta. The original Teksta sold eight million units in 1999. The 2013 version has been revampted with super cool technology. It will respond to voice, has hand gesture technology, responds to physical gestures, lights and sounds. There is also a smartphone app. Tipped to be top selling toy this Christmas.

Filmed by at The London Toy Fair 2013

Duration : 0:3:24

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Attacknids, Combat Creatures : R/C robot toy commercial

The Attacknids are the ultimate blasting robotic R/C toy! Two versions available, Stryder and Doom Razor. This video is the 2013 commercial. Both Attacknid models are available to buy now at!

The brand new 2013 Combat Creatures, Attacknids are coming to a store near you very soon! There are two new models launching this year, Stryder comes in in blue. Coming equipped with the Snypa Dart Blaster, Stryder can fire darts up to 50 feet with extreme accuracy!

Doom Razor comes in the red, equipped with the Dissector Disc Blaster. This shoots discs up to 30 feet and you can bend them around corners. With a wider impact point these are great for close combat battling!

Both Attacknids come with Exploda-Armor on their legs that blast off on impact and an Electronic Battle Brain. Get hit in the brain 3 times and your Attacknid shuts down, there are battle lights to ensure you know how many lives you have remaining and real life battle sounds!

This is the brand new TV commercial for these BRAND NEW models! The Attacknids are the ultimate in blasting robotics!

Click this link to find out even more about this awesome blasting robot on the Combat Creatures website!


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A Cute Shotgun Activated Robot Toy !

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“Shotgun Activated Robot Toy”

This is a new little simple robot that works with sound signals or light radiation.

as soon as it hears a noise, it runs and keeps walking until it hears another sound.

the light intensity or sound pressure to activate those sensors, are controllable by 2 variable resistors.

if there is not 2nd sound then it stops automatically after a while.

it comes with several Mechanical parts to run, and some electronic components for controlling the motor.

it works with only one Double A size battery.

having fun with soldering the electronics based on a schematic diagram.

the manual was in very detail and easy, all instructions were printed step by step.

so i didn’t have problem with it.

and this is what i finally got after putting all parts together. A round shaped Alien Style Robot !

then i thought it would be much fun to activate the robot using this Gun.

these bullets are small but they are making really crazy loud bang !

now you see.

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Google : Elekit Japan

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