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Kaler Robotics Riot Pirates Project Presentation.wmv

FIRST Lego Robotics competitions include a robotics programming project challenge, and a problem project presentation. The theme for 2009 was TRANSPORTATION. The teams were challenged to consider any transportation problem and design a solution. A presentation and public outreach are required, and, along with the robotics challenge, comprises the core of the team’s work. Here, the Kaler team, the Riot Pirates, present theirs! Prepare to be impressed! Congrats, Pirates!

Duration : 0:4:41

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Help with merging wow account to account?

when i try to merge my wow account to for the battlebot, it takes me to a login page. i type in my wow info and it says username doesnt exist. i try to make my own account and when i click united states, half the page gets cut off so i cant even see the checkbox for accepting the terms of agreement or the continue part. Is there a way to fix that?

that same thing happened to me im trying to resolve it i just sent an email explaining my situation to