Month: August 2010

  • Which robot kit is the most educational?

    I want to start building robots, but I want to know which kit will grant me with the best learning experience. I was going to buy the Arobot (from Arrick’s Robots), but it states that the estimated time of completion is only 3 hours. I don’t think I can learn much in 3 hours. I…

  • Mindstorm

    Take a look a Mindstorm’s Interactive tables. This is one of 5 client testimonials that we shot from London to Mexico! Duration : 0:3:55

  • Simple Line Following Robot

    This is a simple line follower i made in my grade 11 engineering class. It costs around $60 to make with the parts i use but you have to make a circuit board for your sensors. Duration : 0:1:8

  • toy story 3 sparks the robot toy review

    mrtransformers96’s toy story 3 sparks toy review Duration : 0:4:36

  • Object sorting Robot kit robot, agriculture, wall, follower, edge, avoider, fork, lift, obstacle, avoider, object, sorting, object sorting, edge avoider, obstacle avoider, fork lift, kit, controller, chassis, school kits, college kits, engineering kits, demo modals, toy, wall follower, pick and place, vacuum cleaner, rumba, lego toy, fire, fighting, conveyor, object sorting Duration : 0:1:40