Monthly Archives: October 2010

Behind the scenes: Robot Love

This is a top secret look at the making of Robot Love v2.0

coming soon,

film by paul lucas

music by Message in a Bottle by the Police

Camera- Canon GL2 Glide cam Pro 4000, macbookpro time lapse internal and external isights.

Duration : 0:3:6

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What is a Good Hands On Electronic Gift?

My boyfriends birthday is coming up, and he is always building things with electronics.
He modifies them, to make them bigger, and better.
So i was thinking i could get him something on the lines of that, but i have no clue where to look!

I seen a "build your own robot kit" but it was nearly a grand..

Any tips would be awesome!

Why don’t you ask him?
Not all gifts need to be a surprise.
I am sure he has something in mind already and maybe you can share in the cost.
Or perhaps he needs a new soldering iron, a new multimeter, a new probe for his scope, you get the idea.