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Giant Robot Part 56 If you like it, watch. …if not, don’t. Simple.

Its so silly how certain types of people can come to my page…. which is basically my naked life, and make rude comments like, “I used to think your were intelligent, but now….”, or “You’re so ignorant….”
…THEN act all surprised when I block them!

If you invited someone into your home, and they called you a syoud idiot, would you invite them back again? Probably not. Thats what the block button is. Uninvitaion.

Its amazing how said people then get angry about it. ….like “you just erase comments you don’t like, blah blah…”

Well, uhh… ya. Its my channel. I generally think I’m not doing a good enough job of keeping the environment positive. To do that, I’d have to erase and block about 5 times as many people. I’m kinda too busy, though.

Imagine someone coming into your house, and swearing up a storm. You politely ask them to stop swearing. …and instead of saying ok, they tell you that you’re a controlling basterd. Thats what its like when you come back at me with a different user account, and complain even more.

Strangest part is that these types pretend they’re on some sort of moral high horse. …too bad they’re so far underground. 😛

Anyway… it just makes it a little less awesome fr all the awesome people. I make videos for myself. …and people who like them. Luckily thats like 99% of the people who watch and comment. 🙂 Too bad those 1% just can’t control themselves. imagine a magical little button that blocks all bad attitudes. 🙂

Duration : 0:9:27

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Power Rangers DX Turbo Megazord Toy Review

This is my third Power Rangers toy review, my fourth Japanese robot toy review, and my first review of 2010. This is for the Power Rangers Turbo DX Turbo Megazord I got for for my 12th birthday in 1997. It is pretty short because there is not very much to see here. If you want to see the Turbo Megazord combined with the Rescue Megazord, please see part 2 of my Rescue Megazord review. Sorry that the video quality isn’t all that great – I am using a different camera because the one I was using does not work right now. On the bright side, there were no batteries that could die like what happened in two of my reviews.

I had to redo it because it messed up where I was showing Wind Chaser and Red Lightning in the sequence.

Duration : 0:4:31

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Public Enemy – Welcome to the Terrordome – live @ SaSaZu, Praha 31.10.2010

Public Enemy – Welcome to the Terrordome – one of most powerful tracks ever, pure Public Enemy power razor – live @ SaSaZu, Praha 31.10.2010 – recordet and edited by Wiktor Krokodyl from Electro-Robot Squadron –
Photo gallery on:

Duration : 0:9:49

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