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Arduino Serial Communication with Web GUI Via PHP

This project is very inspiring! It is an Arduino project that has two LEDs on green and one red that are controlled via a local web server (AKA my Mac’s Apache Server). The web server is hosting a PHP script that has a user interface. When I click a link it sends a command to the Arduino board to turn on or off each LED. The Arduino board must be connected to the computer that has the web server on it for this to work. The PHP code is open source as well as the library/class that I have used. The class that I used was created for linux/windows but was changed to work with the Mac. This project does not need the network shield to work. This is just a simple project. You could expand on this to control moters, RGB LEDs, sound, and much more. I am using an Arduino Mega in this video. If you would like the source code, send me a message! You must subscribe to my channel in order to receive the source code. This helps me give support if needed as well as allows me to post bug fixes/updats ect. Please enjoy and as always, Rate, Comment, Subscribe! Thanks for watching!

Duration : 0:2:50

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Arduino Park

A guided tour of the Arduino Uno. This is a really basic and I hope somewhat humorous introduction to the layout of the Arduino board and some of its functions. The Arduino is open-source and the images are my own or downloaded from public domain stuff in the Google Sketchup 3D Warehouse. Music is royalty-free from Kevin MacLeod.

More info on the Arduino is at

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I don’t know why the Arduino board looks square on Youtube.

Duration : 0:6:1

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