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can you mount a gun on a battlebot?

I was watching battlebots and it seems like if you mounted an ak47 on a bot, it would win the whole thing. Is that legal?

I haven’t looked up the official rules of the new version, but at least a couple of years ago:

Projectile weapons are allowed, but the projectile must be tethered so it will not travel more than 2 meters.

Gunpowder, blackpowder, and sodium azide (airbag detonators) explosives are strictly forbidden.

The projectile must be tested so that it cannot penetrate at any range a test barrier which is exactly one half the thickness of the arena walls.

So, while it may be possible to build a projectile weapon such as an air cannon that fires a large, slow steel slug: it would probably be a single shot weapon, and no, no guns are allowed.

Not only would that be way too unsafe: what’s the sport in that?