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Tetris Battle Bot Hack[PATCHED]

1. Download the hack
2. Extract the Hack in your Desktop
3.Open FidlerSetup and install it
4) Open Fiddler2
5) Go To The AutoResponder Tab, Check Enable Automatic Responses And Unmatched Requests Passthrough
5.Drag the battle2p, battle6p, global, marathon1p, sprint4p, and sprint1p in the left side of fidler
6. Clear cache

How To Clear Cache
*Open Google Chrome
*Look At The Upper Right Of It
*You’ll See Wrench There
*Click It
*Click Options
*You’ll See Now The Settings
*Look At The Left Side And Click Under The Hood
*At The Top Middle, Click Clear Browsing Data
*Check clear cache And Click Click Clear Browsing Data ..
Your Finished

Open your Tetris Battle

LINK Updated
add 1000 line sent
just drag this along with other files
1000 line Sent Hack


“Password at the end of the Video”

this is not my hack, I take no Credit for this hack
Credits go to the owner and the maker of this hack.
Use it in your own risk

Duration : 0:1:15

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