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What are some good robotic kits other than lego mindstorm?

Is there a robot kit that:
2. Has the capability to be changed, not just built once, but modified like lego mindstorm.
3. Has the capability to be programmed/use a program to make it do a function.

Anything like this?
Thank you!

Unless you are willing to do it yourself entirely, I think Lego mindstorms is probably the best bet… Me and my friends have made some PICAXE robots, one from a pre-printed board and another we made ourselves… With a big enough chip (28X2 or above?) you can program all kinds of stuff. The most recent one we made was an obstacle avoidance/maze solving robot using stepper motors and ultrasonic sensors.
The problem is, you’ll likely have to build this thing from scratch and program everything into it! In that respect, Mindstorms is probably better if you’re just planning to tinker and have fun 😀

another alternative might be arduino, but once again you have to make and program it yourself. Mindstorms will make that part easier…

Couldn’t find any kits similar to mindstorms with the time I had though…

ABB Robotics – Innovative Packaging Solutions

ABB Value Provider XPAK pride themselves on “thinking outside of the frame” when it comes to designing innovative packaging equipment. They have now integrated ABB robots into their Robox packing machinery to add flexibility and reduce footprint. VP Juan Ortiz comments “that is how we see the future of innovative packaging solutions.”

Duration : 0:4:37

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