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Automação Residencial Simples com Arduino

Neste video mostramos como fazer, de uma maneira muito simples, uma automação básica: acender e apagar uma lâmpada através da internet. Para isso, você pode utilizar uma placa Arduino qualquer juntamente a um Shield Ethernet e um módulo relé; ou simplesmente um Arduino Ethernet e um módulo relé (conforme o video). Todos os equipamentos e código fonte estão em

Duration : 0:11:21

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CE-e Toy Robot sings about toy safety

As part of the on-going “European Toy Safety” campaign, Directorate General Enterprise and Industry of European Commission has launched a new video informing consumers how to both buy safe toys and use them safely. The video features CE-E, a singing robot, to introduce children to the idea of toy safety. To learn more:

Duration : 0:2:35

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EZ-Robot Complete Kit Introduction

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The age of Personal Robotics is rapidly approaching, don’t get left behind! EZ-Robot has made building robots easy, powerful and fun!

Canadian founded by DJ Sures, EZ-Robot offers an easy, innovative and powerful platform to build your dream robots. The EZ-B is a robot controller that connects to your computer over Bluetooth. Use the included EZ-Builder Software or EZ-SDK on your computer and control the output of the EZ-B Robot Controller. Add a range of peripherals to your EZ-Robot Project; including Cameras, Joysticks, Distance Sensors, LEDs, Servos, Digital Displays, Motor Controllers, iRobot Roomba, and more. Watch Tutorial Videos to see what EZ-Robot can do!

EZ-Robot was founded by Canadian Roboticist DJ Sures, who is the creator of many popular robots. Combining his vast knowledge and experience of robotics, EZ-Robot has been designed as an all-in-one hardware and software solution for robotics. The circuit board contains a powerful voltage regulator, a Bluetooth antenna module, digital I/O, ADC, servo control, serial ports, TellyMate interface, and more!

Our robot controller supports the EZ-Builder software interface to control your robot, without even needing to program! Watch the Video Tutorials to see how easy it is to add Camera Vision Tracking, Speech Recognition, Joystick Control and more to your robot without writing any code!

For those interested in programming, the .Net EZ-SDK exposes the advanced EZ-B features. Including camera tracking, facial tracking, speech recognition, speech synthesis, and more.

You can quickly recognize how the EZ-Robot Project was designed for reusable scalability. Build many DIY Robots with a single EZ-B Controller by simply moving the board between projects.

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Duration : 0:3:49

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