Gmod 10 – Battle bots / robots [ icefuse ]


Just us people from Icefuse server
playing with bots.

– Icymints
– Sushi
– Joker was in this video.

Robots of quick built pro’ ness and

Duration : 0:1:41

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25 thoughts on “Gmod 10 – Battle bots / robots [ icefuse ]

  1. u dont need hl2 you …
    u dont need hl2 you just need a source engine game so you can also have counter strike:source

  2. Leave server IP …
    Leave server IP please ive been looking for Gbots so long now!!! 😛

  3. They were grabbers …
    They were grabbers but they said i wasn’t aloud to use them. Lululululululs

  4. o and also what are …
    o and also what are thouse things on hands pluss thanks for replying and nice robot fighter lol =) owned him

    Any help? (I dont have GMOD loaded on)

  6. Well HL2 is …
    Well HL2 is required to play GMOD 10.
    And apparently Gmod 9 was free for a period of time.

  7. I bought mine off …
    I bought mine off steampowered if you want if for free go torrent it but it’s hard to play with other people online with the torrent version.

  8. Google Steampowered …
    Google Steampowered?
    So, just google it and download?
    (And thanks for the speedy reply!)

  9. awesme vid man i …
    awesme vid man i shoulda been there ps. its me bib lexinator ifm

  10. Also, I was using …
    Also, I was using fraps. I was getting about 60-120 FPS.

  11. It’s custom built …
    It’s custom built with a 8800Gtx.
    Also that I didn’t know what kind of files Youtube takes in. So this could have been in better quality.

  12. You didnt put it on …
    You didnt put it on cause you dont like getting public raped.

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