Remote Control (RC) Battlebot Toy Robots W/Punching Bag

Remote Control (RC) Battlebot Toy Robots W/Punching Bag

Battle friends with these awesome battle robots also known as battlebots! First one to punch the button the chest wins the battle. Yes, each set comes with 2 robots, 2 remote controls, and 1 punching bag for a super low price. You can also train with your robot to punch the punching bag. These remote control (RC) toy robots are designed with super tough construction and were designed to last. These battle robots will deliver endless hours of fun so pick yours up today! Features: Factory pre-assembled ready to use Super tough, solid construction Punch the chest of a battle robot to deactivate Full range of motion forward, back, left and right 2 in 1 combat game 2 x remote control Comes with one punching bag 5″(L) x 4″(W) x 10″(H) Recommended Age: Age 6+

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