What controller do they use to control battlebots?

Normal remote controlled cars use a controller that only has two analogs… They don’t have any buttons or something like that! Than how do they make the stuff on the battlebot move like a hammer that smashes the other opponent or a small grinder slicing the other bot!!

The Active Robot website has a 6 channel unit, The SPM6000BR 6 channel receiver has been specifically designed for robotics applications.

As smart as these people are, they probably can custom make their controller.

All of the special functions that you see like the hammer and grinder are no different
than forward and reverse, right and left on the robot chassis.

Don’t know how to explain it better.


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2 thoughts on “What controller do they use to control battlebots?

  1. Nearly everyone uses 6-channel Spectrum controllers.

    People use these because there is little interference with other controllers and the multiple channels allow for weapons, drivetrain, and other stuff.
    References :
    BattleBots veteran

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