Excellerator 3 Fights Battlebots IQ 06

Excellerator 3’s fights in the 120lb High School Class 2006 Battlebots IQ competition. This dose not include our first and last match where we lost due to radio malfunction. We have since switched from IFI to the Spektrum System.

Duration : 0:8:32

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8 thoughts on “Excellerator 3 Fights Battlebots IQ 06

  1. OR you could just …
    OR you could just hit em as hard as you can and give all the fans what they’re watching for.

  2. awsome he’sthe only …
    awsome he’sthe only shell spinner I don’t Want to smash with a hammer

  3. wow, great job. im …
    wow, great job. im in the bots club at my school and we build the 15 pound class. and we dont have a whole lot of weight but we still manage a weapon, i wonder why so many of those only had a wedge and nothign else…… anyway great job!!!!!

  4. i would love to see …
    i would love to see Excellerator fight against ziggo or mauler that would be awesome

  5. no. you don’t do …
    no. you don’t do that. this is a sport, just like any other, and there are certain standards of sportsmanship that competitors uphold. when they’re down, you don’t hit them. you wait. if they move, THEN you hit them.

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