rc fighting robot battlebot

Made out of meccano, lego and my rc car parts. Weapon powered by a stock 540-J motor. Powerful full boy spinner.

Duration : 0:0:16

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11 thoughts on “rc fighting robot battlebot

  1. the 540 motor is …
    the 540 motor is through a right angle gearbox made out of meccano as the motor is in between the reciever(blue) and the esc (black) on the right side at the start of the clip. it is also called a silvercan motor as tat is wat it looks like

  2. it uses an …
    it uses an unmodified 27-turn brushed 540 motor. the most easily available motor, especially in hobby shops. the mini-ev motor is a copy of it.

  3. It could easily rip …
    It could easily rip through a can and that is torque turning the chassis.

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