Gesture-based Surgical Manipulation of a da Vinci Robot using a Kinect

Gesture-based fine manipulation of a surgical tool, using a kinect and a da Vinci robot equipped with custom software used for non-clinical research purposes only.
Recorded in the mock-OR of the Laboratory for Computational Sensing and Robotics (LCSR), at the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD.

Duration : 0:2:56

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4 thoughts on “Gesture-based Surgical Manipulation of a da Vinci Robot using a Kinect

  1. Arm fatigue could …
    Arm fatigue could quickly become an issue, I suspect.

    It appears as though fine motor control of the instrument is achievable. Equally important will be giving the operator a 3D view of the subject. Right now, it’s only the Kinect that sees in 3D (tracking the operator).

  2. This is an amusing …
    This is an amusing juxtaposition. An undoubtedly fantastically expensive surgical robot named after one of the most famous scientific minds in history… paired with a device used by millions of people to jump around foolishly in front of their televisions. Very neat.

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