Dethinator vs Fluffy – Battlebots 2009

A short + sweet match – dethinator from pine view high school vs fluffy from ransom everglades hs at botsIQ/battlebots 2009

Duration : 0:0:41

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13 thoughts on “Dethinator vs Fluffy – Battlebots 2009

  1. @pissedbuddha They …
    @pissedbuddha They still have tournaments for 120 pound robots often, and sometimes even heavier robots than that, like 300 pounds.

  2. Well that was a …
    Well that was a Debbie Downer if I ever saw one!!! Lost his frickin’ armor in 2 seconds flat.

  3. why did you take …
    why did you take mercy on the other robot. Robots don’t have feelings. It never happens that you ever get passed the armor you shoulda gutted him like a fish.

  4. hey guys sorry …
    hey guys sorry again about Fluffy on saturday, but that was AWESOME (driver of Rattler 2)

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