Lego Battlebot: Devastator

This is probably the most deadliest robot ive ever made considering how much of a punch the blade has when it strikes something. The unfortunate part is that I won’t be fighting it against other robots because of how much damage its already caused and the fact that I took it apart. So yeah.

Duration : 0:2:42

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14 thoughts on “Lego Battlebot: Devastator

  1. Just asking but how …
    Just asking but how do you make your robots actually able to be controlled? and second I would like a replica of Chaos 2 from Robot Wars

  2. NXT motors, they …
    NXT motors, they are the strongest motors lego has made so far… so i’m sure there is a way to gear it up to the speed of the blade that you see there, but It might not be effective…

  3. Like something with …
    Like something with the strength of the NXT motors. I don’t have power functions.

  4. what kind of weaker …
    what kind of weaker motors like the powerfunctions m motots?
    Yeah, but I doubt it would be as strong. The M motors are kinda wimpy.
    xl motors… you could try… they’re alot more beefy.

  5. yeah sure ill take …
    yeah sure ill take requests.
    Actually that would be pretty cool
    it usually takes me half a day to construct one of the more suffisticated bots like this one. so Ill get to work on that.

  6. im not sure if u …
    im not sure if u take request but can you make a wedge/+ flipper? i never seen a lego flipper befor…like a lego replica of big brother or biohazard

  7. oh haha thanks, …
    oh haha thanks, learn a new word every day.
    No the only thing that is automatic is the spinning blade but thats when its turned on.

  8. yeah actually It …
    yeah actually It left a cut on my leg I wasn’t planing to let it actually hit me but whatever, no pain no game or whatever eh?
    uhhhh not really I just make a chassis then if its too small its too small which it usually is but I usually find a way to get around it. I Don’t really plan what I build it was actually going to be a flipper bot but halfway through im like F*** that im going full out destruction.
    the only thing that I plan out are the weapons.

  9. haha that must’ve …
    haha that must’ve hurt so much!

    Congrats, you’ve made a bloody good blade there. Do you have any size/wieght limits you try to adhere to when you build the robots?

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