BattleBots Animation

A quick animation of Team Vexation’s BattleBot at Olathe Northwest High School. It was created in SolidWorks, a CAD program, usign accurate 3D modeling. Has an explosion view for a cool look at a BattleBot. Plus some sweet techno.

Duration : 0:1:43

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14 thoughts on “BattleBots Animation

  1. wait who’s robot is …
    wait who’s robot is actually modernly complexes
    who has more than motors
    who robot’s are autonomous

    that right you have fun with your big r/c cars
    but first is real robots

  2. Yeah, but don’t cry …
    Yeah, but don’t cry when a guy with a battlebot destroys that aluminum piece of crap you call a machine.

  3. this isnt only for …
    this isnt only for private schools, my public school is in it and alot of them around us. you jsut need to get sponsered. and i would bring it up with your principal

  4. This school isn’t a …
    This school isn’t a private school… I’m going to probably do this my senior year…

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