Tetris Battle Bot 2012 – Working January 2012

This has been tested and working as of February 2, 2012 and still working as of the latest updates! You can download your copy at:


Follow the Simple Steps Below the Site and You’ll be able to Download it! Enjoy!

Duration : 0:2:17

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13 thoughts on “Tetris Battle Bot 2012 – Working January 2012

  1. ok cool friend:) …
    ok cool friend:) inChrist allways fat billpage? illusionist magician in fun

  2. Yay, Tetris. But no …
    Yay, Tetris. But no, I don’t need aby cheat, because better is just watching TAS of original? NES Tetris. 😛

  3. even tetris battle …
    even tetris battle is my favorite but. I don’t need to cheat because if you just keep cheating does that mean you’re always win. but try hard until you win not? to cheat. if you just cheat, anyone just call you loser

  4. lol Tetris, one of …
    lol Tetris, one of those games that are? addictive and keep you coming back for more 🙂

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