Battlebot: Battlefield BF3 Knife Montage

These are a few knifing clips played on Kharg Island team deathmatch (tdm) on Battlefield 3 PS3. While these are not some of my most awesome knife melee takedowns in BF3, I still gots me plenty of dogtags with that ACB90.

Song: Boondox – Love of my knife

Duration : 0:5:5

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12 thoughts on “Battlebot: Battlefield BF3 Knife Montage

  1. ahhhh…I didn’t …
    ahhhh…I didn’t notice that before. Unlike you, when i’m behind someone I just shoot? them with m249 or p90, regardless of the situation i find myself in. Just habit i guess.

  2. I don’t believe he …
    I don’t believe he was crouching there. He? stepped off the main path, where it’s a little bit lower. You can actually see it’s doing the standing animation…. just invisible. lol I have knifed invisible people before, But usually it meant they bombed or quit, And then of course I don’t get tags.

  3. 0:58 the player …
    0:58 the player ducked right before you started the knifing animation…I don’t know why the knifing animation did not? change

  4. she is the reason …
    she is the reason i? started knifing, love the video sooooooooooo much the music is just amazing 🙂

  5. hey man nice vid i …
    hey man nice vid i dropped a like on it and check me out i post some good commentaries? a game plays and maybe sub too? thx:)

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