[Battlebots 2.0] Vlad The Impaler vs Tazbot [Full Version HQ]

Pretty interesting fight here. Two awesome Heavyweights and the BattleBots arena to keep them inside. Better quality than the other version and also includes the pre-match introduction.

Duration : 0:6:7

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8 thoughts on “[Battlebots 2.0] Vlad The Impaler vs Tazbot [Full Version HQ]

  1. It’s not even a …
    It’s not even a hammer, it’s a flipping arm, and it’s done a good job against other robots before. Don’t ever judge a robot based on one? fight.

  2. bah! The scoring …
    bah! The scoring was a little closer than that I think since it was a pretty even fight until the end. I? was rooting for Tazbot.

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